Molecular sieve



        The pore size for 4A molecular sieve is 4A. It is mainly used to adsorb water, methanol, ethanol, sulfureted hydrogen, carbon dioxide, ethylene, propylene, does not adsorb any larger molecular than 4A, and often used as desiccant in industrials.


4A Molecular sieve Technical parameter:

Diameter (mm)
0.5-4 (on customers' request)
Bulk density (g/ml)
min 0.65
Static absorption (%)
min 21
Crushing strength (N)
min 5 or min 80
Wear ratio (%)
max 0.40
Size ratio up to grade( %)
min 98
Moisture (%)
max 1.5

Typical applications:
 Deep drying of air, natural gas, alkane and refrigerant.
 Generation and purification of argon.
 Static dehydration of electronic element, pharmaceutical and unstable materials.
 Desiccant for paint, dope and foul etc

Packing:20kg carbon box or bag;140kg iron drum.
Attention:To avoid damp and pre-adsorption of organic before running ,or must to be reactivated




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